Language Development Strategies

There is no ‘silver bullet’ for developing student English language proficiency, since different individuals and groups will have varying needs over the course of their academic programs. Most universities have therefore introduced a range of strategies for students, which include:
  • Introductory programs
  • Orientation activities
  • Embedding of language development in the disciplines
  • Credit-bearing courses or units
  • Generic workshops and seminars
  • Individual consultations
  • E-learning opportunities and online resources
  • Peer-to-peer programs

For further information and ideas about these strategies, click on the relevant cell in the image below. Language Development Strategies

For links to the many language development strategies offered in Australian universities, consult the Database on this website. The Examples of Good Practice will help you identify some of the best examples of a particular strategy.

The Association for Academic Language and Learning also has a Database of practices and research, and provides more wide-ranging information about the different kinds of activities undertaken by academic language and learning advisors.