Introductory and Orientation Activities

A number of universities provide introductory courses, prior to the start of semester, for students who have already been unconditionally accepted.

For example, Griffith University offers UniPrep, which is a three-week language enhancement program for both undergraduate and postgraduate students; and the University of New England offers tUNEup, which is a two-week online support program that includes academic writing. There is also an international version. The University of the Sunshine Coast offers one-week Pre-semester Skills Preparation modules. The University of Southern Queensland provides a three-week Introductory Academic Preparation specifically for international students. Similarly, the University of Queensland offers a three-week Academic Communication Skills program for international students.

Orientation is an event at which most universities provide information to students about the strategies and activities available to assist them to develop their English, often through information sessions. Some universities have set up language development information events to help students overcome the ‘information overload’ that can be a feature of Orientation events. For example, while it is not part of the Orientation week, the University of Wollongong holds a 2-day Learning Carnivale for first year students, which is intended to provide language and learning information for first year students.
For details of other introductory and orientation activities, consult the Database on this website.